Why Use Us!

Collections In Context is a full service personal property appraisal firm, serving the Greater Boston area and beyond. We provide expert appraisals of your personal property -- whether one precious object or a large estate.

Our Experience Shows!

Are you a collector of modern art?
Do you have a large assortment of antiques or valuable furniture?
Looking to move or downsize?
Have you just inherited a large number of items ?
Thinking of donating your artworks or giving them to your heirs?
Collections in Context can assist you with all of your appraisals and valuations needs:
  • Insurance schedules of fine arts and antiques
  • IRS donation or estate tax qualified reports
  • Damage and loss claims
  • Equitable divorce or estate distribution evaluations
A well-trained appraiser, qualified in every respect, will help protect your financial concerns.

Contact us to discuss how we can make your project go smoothly and easily. Email to info@collectionsincontext.com or call at 617-901-1996.