Collections in Context also provides expertise in:




We'll review the installation of your artworks and determine if they are properly and safely displayed. We'll also recommend the best ways to hang or show your art.

Conservation and preservation

Not sure if your art work needs professional treatment? We'll examine the condition of your objects and recommend if a professional conservator should treat or conserve them. We can recommend paper, painting, and object conservators in every region of the United States.


Managing your collection

Need help organizing your collection, keeping track of sales receipts, or taking photographic records? Wishing to loan your art to museums or transfer them to another location? Collections in Context can do all of this for you. We will also create a custom art data-base for you that is simple to use. We will also contact you if we learn of major changes in the status of your collection and alert you to dramatic changes in the market place.  


Buying, Downsizing, and Selling

Not sure about purchasing an artwork? Want to change a few objects and replace them with others? Are you or a loved one moving and don't know the value of art works? We can advise you and discreetly make contacts on your behalf.


Thinking of donating an object? 
Collections in Context is able to advise you on where to place your objects or help you identity a suitable instigation.


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