About Us

Collections in Context is owned and directed by Elizabeth Kessin Berman, A.A.A., Certified Appraiser, Appraisers Association of America. Elizabeth is a former art historian and curator with over 30 years experience working in museums. With degrees in art history from Boston College (A.B.) and Harvard University (A.M., M.T.S.), Ms. Berman also trained at the Hebrew University's Institute of Archaeology. She began her long career in the arts as a practicing artist.

Always involved in the interpretation of collections, Ms. Berman held research and field positions with the Albright Institute of Oriental Research (Jerusalem), Hebrew Union College (Jerusalem), the Joint Expedition to Sardis (Turkey), and the Israel Department of Antiquities. Back in the western world and indoors, Ms. Berman was appointed to curatorial, research, and exhibition development posts at the Smithsonian Institution, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Jewish Museum of Maryland, and the B'nai Brith Klutznick National Jewish Museum. She is the author of numerous academic and popular publications and has been a consultant on National Endowment for the Humanities grants and for other museums and non-profit arts organizations. She has taught art history at several academic institutions and frequently speaks to community organizations about appraising. Ms. Berman is an avid volunteer and currently works on environmental preservation projects and historic preservation sites. For a list of publications and a CV, email to info@collectionsincontext.com.

A long time member of the art community in Washington D.C., Ms. Berman is now a resident of the North Shore of Massachusetts. She regularly travels to Miami, Baltimore, Washington D.C., New York, and other areas. Appraisal and consulting services are offered to clients in other areas by special arrangement.

Ms Berman maintains a collaborative relationship with specialized appraisers of coins and antiques specialists who are brought in to give opinions of value when warranted.

Collections in Context's clients are private collectors and public institutions, including museums and historical societies whose areas of interest include modern art, antiques, Judaica, tribal art, antiquities, and historic documents and archives. Numbered among our clients are also churches, synagogues and cultural institutions which hold important artifacts, books, and documents of religious or local cultural and historic value. Ms. Berman also works closely with lawyers, insurance agents and other professionals who might require the specialized expertise of an independent, unbiased third party opinion of value and or expert witness for written review or trial testimony.

Matters between the client and the appraiser are always confidential.

Visit our partner site www.judaicaincontext.com for more information and frequent news updates.

Our fees are based on an hourly rate, plus expenses. With large collections, we are happy to discuss an overall project fee. We never charge a percentage of the value of the objects or collections!

Travel in the Greater Boston area is routine. However, we are available for a travel to other areas. Call or email and discuss: Phone: 240-461-7452 or or email: