For Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations frequently need an independent assessment of their non-cash assets. But all too often, religious or cultural institutions are more devoted to their programs to spend time, energy, and resources on this effort.

For this reason, Collections in Context is pleased to offer a discounted rate on fees for services to non-profits.

Qualified appraisals for the non profit institution might be needed for:

        • Scheduling of valuable assets for insurance

        • Determining the fair market value of non-cash assets such as historical archives, photographs, artifacts, ephemera, historic furniture, ritual objects and decorations

        • Listing non-cash assets in preparation for mergers, downsizing or closings.

        • Damage and Loss reports.

Other Services to Help Non Profits

We are also available to consult on the sale or transfer of assets, such as ritual silver, historic furniture, vestments, ritual objects, and religious textiles or art. Perhaps a historical society or a museum would be better able to administer, care for, or display your historic items? Or your institution may consider selling unwanted art or antiques at auction? Collections in Context is able to be a trustworthy third party in these negotiations. In this role, we will never offer to buy what we appraise! We offer unbiased opinions to help your organization determine what its best options are for selling its art and antiques.

Are your closets, basements or attics full and do you suspect that there may be historic or valuable art hidden among the discarded items? We offer a special service to survey storage areas and identify objects of historic or artistic merit. A special rate for this service is provided.

Thinking of holding a rummage sale? Call in Collections in Context before you open your doors to the general public (which often includes eager dealers and specialized collectors). You might be selling important art or antiques at values well below fair market rates. Collections in Context will review all items offered and if warranted, recommend that higher value items be offered for sale at a fine arts auction house.

Need help? Call or email for a free consultation and we'll help determine your organization's needs, or 240-461-7452.