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Estate Tax Appraisals

We will prepare a contents list for IRS estate tax either as of Date of Death or six months after the DOD. We can also assemble a team of persons who can conduct Estate Sales or house clean-outs. We will also aid in selecting any items that maybe sent for auction at either regional auction houses or International, high end auction rooms. We act only as a third-party agent, never buying what we appraise.

Estate Distribution

For large collections, we offer "appraisal estimates" to aid in determining how to distribute or plan for distribution of art collections. We are able to guide your clients in the monetary aspects for managing their collections.

IRS Donation Appraisals

For donations of over $5,000 we will inspect the objects that are to be donated and write an IRS "qualified" appraisal. We will also initiate the signing of IRS Form 8283 and forward the form to donee institution/s.

Don't know if your client's collection is to be valued over $5,000? We will do a pre-appraisal estimate to determine the threshold of value. Time spent on the pre-appraisal will be credited to the cost of the actual appraisal, if warranted.

For appraisals of very high value objects, we can prepare, according to IRS format, a pre-appraisal review to the IRS Art Review panel, in lieu of a potential audit/review after filing. See IRS rules for submitting the on our Resources page.

Insurance Reviews

We are specialists in preparing USPAP compliant appraisal reviews of any disputed appraisal or document that states value. Our reviews are well-written and well-researched. We will work with you from the beginning to the end of the dispute.

Expert Witness and Trial Testimony

We are experienced in court room testimony for divorce cases. Call us to discuss the extent of your case. All discussions are confidential.


Appraisals can support your client's best interests. Insurance agents, financial planners and wealth managers who have clients that may need a Fine Arts policy, but don't realize their need. We can help.

Appraisal challenges are our specialty. We love to get in on interesting projects. Call us at 240-461-7452 or email to